Max Shad Swimtail Jig 3oz-Trout

3oz Weight (85 grams)

5.5 inches

Dual Hook Set Up



Inshore swim tail jig with irresistible vibrating tail action. These Max Shad lures are 3oz and have the perfect weight balance. Strong bodies and lifelike eyes make them perfect bait fish for apex predators. Strong and sharp VMC hooks keep your catch on the line.

New for 2020, the MegaBite Max Shad 3oz Swimtail Jig is now available in 8 colours (Case of 30 inner pack 6) :

  • White Line (White/Black) UV
  • Bazooka (Yellow/Green Nose) Glow
  • Garfield (Orange Tiger) Glow
  • Derby Winner (Green/Black/Chartruese/Glow)
  • Georgia Brown (Red/Brown) UV
  • Glocaine (Glow Tiger Stripe) Glow
  • Trout UV
  • Perch UV

Additional information

Weight .300 kg


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