Max Shad Swimtail Jig 6oz – Purple Morris

6 Ounce Weight (170 grams)

Dual Hook Set Up


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First available in 2018, the MegaBite Max Shad 6oz Swimtail Jig is now available in 9 colours:

  • White Line (White/Black)
  • Bazooka (Yellow/Green Nose)
  • Garfield (Orange Tiger)
  • Pickleback (Green/Black Spots/Glow)
  • Georgia Brown (Red/Brown)
  • Glocaine (Glow Tiger Stripe)
  • Purple Morris (Purple Glow) New in 2019
  • Wontunoffish (Orange/Red) New in 2019
  • Derby Winner (Black/Green/Chartreuse/Glow) NEW FOR 2020

Additional information

Weight .471 kg


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