14oz MegaBite Swim Tail Jigs – The Green Demon (Green Spatterback)


The Mega Bite swim tail jigs are deep drop swim tail jigs with amazing swimming action for all types of bottom fish. Tails are reinforced with mesh and are extremely durable. These are 14 ounce/ 400 gram jigs and come with 3 tails and 1 jig head.

Effective for all types of fish such as Lingcod, Halibut, Snapper, Cod, Tuna, Grouper and all other types of predator fish.

They are 8 inches or 22 cm long in size and can reach depths of over 300 feet deep.

There are 6 exceptional colours to chose from:

  • Glow Hurricane
  • Ultra Violet Purple Crush 
  • White Russian
  • Rum and Coke (Orange) 
  • The Green Demon (Green Spatterback)
  • Fireball (Red, Silver and Chartreuse Belly).

Additional information

Weight .689 kg

Glow Hurricane, Ultra Violet Purple Crush, White Russian, Rum and Coke (Orange), Green Demon (Green Spatterback), Fireball (Red, Silver and Chartreuse)


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