Rod Ties Rod Holders 2 Pack 100 Pcs

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Rod Raps are a fantastic product that everyone who has a fishing rod should own. Rod Raps Rod Holder’s hold a 2 piece rod together for transport or storage. The great thing about Rod Raps is that they stay on the rod while you fish. Unlike other rod holders that constantly get lost when you need them. Rod Raps are always available when you are breaking down your fishing rod. Super functional and extremely easy to use. Every 2 piece rod should have a set of Rod Raps. Rod Raps are available for sale in single packs or we also sell them in 100 piece pots. For wholesale orders over 1000 pieces we can customize the Rod Raps with your company logo. Great for tackle shops and rod builders. Call or email for wholesale pricing or custom orders. You really cant go wrong with a pair of Rod Raps for each of your fishing rods. Rod Raps will prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your expensive fishing equipment. Rod Raps have extended the life of many rod by simply keeping them intact and preventing the rod from breaking or losing eyes as a result of poor storage of your fishing gear. Rod Raps will save your rod.

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