Swim Tail Lead Jig 2oz 5.5″ – Black Silver

2 oz // 56 gram, 5.5 inches

Multiple colours available.

Stealth body design with barbed hook.

Includes 1 spare body as shown.

The swim tail gives a lifelike swimming action.

Lure for Jigging, trolling or casting.

Has 2 points of attachment or the second eye can be used for a trailing hook setup.

Paint is clearcoat with 3D eyes.

Good for many types of salt and freshwater fish.

Work very well for cod, bass and all types of ground fish.

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The original Lighthouse Swim Tail Jig is ultra-versatile. The lifelike action of this jig makes it effective for a wide variety of species. Cod, Rock fish, bass, salmon, pike, musky; and other predatory fish smash these jigs! Drift, troll or cast these small jigs over rock piles using  light gear and you will have a great time hooking multiple species of fish. These jigs are lots of fun to use and have amazing life like tail wagging action. Irresistible to predator fish of all types. These Lighthouse swim tail jigs are available in 2 sizes. 20z and 2.5oz 11cm and 14cm in length or 5.5 and 6.5 inches long. They have an ultra sleek design with a custom Anchovy lead head.


Take your pick of great colours available:

  • Black Silver
  • Bleeding White
  • Blue Silver
  • Green Silver
  • Luminous Green
  • Luminous Orange
  • Pearl White



Additional information

Weight .08 kg

Black Silver, Bleeding White, Blue Silver, Green Silver, Luminous Green, Luminous Orange, Pearl White


2oz, 2.5oz


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